Important White Paper: “Creating an Environment to Thrive; How Companies Support Executive Working Mothers”

I was honored to be interviewed for this very important white paper, written by three female Harvard Business School 2nd year MBAs.  I have posted this as a resource on my website, as I found their findings and recommendations spot-on and very useful. The authors’ stated goal was to “better understand the policies, programs and practices that were truly helpful to working mothers so that we could aid our peers in their search for organizations that would support them as they build their careers and raise families.”

This white paper may have been written for the benefit of newly graduating MBAs, but in my opinion it has great relevance to any woman assessing her potential for success within a company, and for employers that want to demonstrate their commitment to this very crucial talent pool.  Click here to read: Creating an Environment to Thrive

Below are a number of learning resources my clients have found valuable.